REEL 2017

An (a bit too old) compilation of projects I worked on. My contribution:

Four portraits of Tiho, personal – all aspects
Asics: Running, PostPanic – modelling, lighting, shading, shattering, camera animation
Forma, personal – all aspects
GE: Digital Twin – shading, lighting
Miss Zoe Trope, Nowness – shading, lighting
Holland Casino: Dinner Jackpot, PostPanic – modelling, shading, rendering, animation
Pon-Cat:M3, SmokinBarrel – modelling, shading, lighting
De Hypotheker, The Outpost – shading and lighting
Montblanc – shading, lighting
Sudafed, Mediamonks – shading, lighting, modelling
Philips 2014 promos, PostPanic – shading, lighting, pre-comp
Hiscox Reactor, Mediamonks – shading, lighting,
BlueBand Tag On, Artbox – compositing
Life:) Party, Minivegas – fur, shading, lighting
ARGB-KVBG: Aardgas – fur, shading, lighting
Sony: PS VITA, Minivegas – shading, lighting

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