Month: January 2016

ASICS: Running

  • Brand:ASICS
  • Studio:PostPanic
  • Director:Mischa Rozema
  • VFX supervisor:Ivor Goldberg

Enjoyed this project very much. Practically every little detail on the shoe was hand-modelled. Along with modelling and unwrapping, during my internship at PostPanic, I contributed with camera tracking, various work on the render passes and a little animation. ¬†Finally I was responsible for the fragmentation in the “macro shot”, which was a great chance to get familiar with RayFire.

Wrangler: Born Ready

  • Brand:Wrangler
  • Client:Mediamonks

Helped Mediamonks with stitching two shots together. Worked on the foliage during the zoom out and on the water waves at the end. As usual did modelling, shading and lighting. Also had tasty lunch. Mediamonks always have tasty lunch.

De Hypotheker: De Gids

  • Brand:De Hypotheker
  • Client:The Outpost

The Outpost needed help on the three shots with the walking bank safes. I did the shading and lighting.